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'How am I to get in?' Asked Alice

Café con leche y mueble bar

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While I was travelling by bus, a conservative leader was announcing her promises (actually threats):

Stop taking drugs because the beggars smell badly.

And I thought: let's go with the following stupid thing, let me check in the pocket of my brain. My answer was:

If my moon has dried itself is because it smells to concentrated hepatitis of your husband; that's stupid as well. look at your Mirror and think about it.


And now I want to be a domestic filmmaker. Almost unnoticed.
My own Hangar is going to become exhausted with me.

4 comentarios a “Café con leche y mueble bar”

  1. Anonymous Mr Monky 

    I told U: we’ll see, we’ll see. I told you!!!
    Uhh, but she got it, they got it!
    Maybe she’s looking at her Mirror, join herSf in the WC.
    Orgudiosa de si misma!!!
    (And she goes by car).

  2. Anonymous Fate Motif 

    Don't forget: PATA NEGRA

  3. Anonymous Jack Police 

    Now she is fucking happy, she has bought a new husband.
    Take care, by bus.

  4. Anonymous kiki 

    Thanks for the post, I need more!!!
    (but, OK, you get it!!! I mean your f***king prize)
    Adios ninio.

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